Causes of foot swelling

Foot swelling is a fairly common problem, especially among older people. The main reason this happens is usually due to irregular blood circulation or fluid retention.

In addition to this main reason, there are several causes, but today we are going to discuss in more detail some causes that can affect older people.

People with diabetes are usually prone to swelling of the feet and ankles, but in this case the reason would not be fluid retention, this may indicate symptoms of an infection or poor blood circulation with a risk of thrombosis. In these cases, it is important to go immediately to the emergency room or call a doctor at home to see a professional.

What to do when an older person has swollen feet

It is important to receive a quality diagnosis from a health professional, as it may be a minor problem, or a problem that requires immediate treatment.

A clear case is the inflammation of the blood vessels, although it can also be caused by the intake of some medications, sedentary lifestyle or excess weight.

How to prevent foot swelling

If the person does not suffer from swollen feet but suspects that it may occur, because the doctor has suggested it for some reasons, it is important to follow a series of recommendations to prevent as much as possible.

Do not wear clothing that is too tight

Include some form of physical activity in your daily routine

Reduce your salt intake

Increase you consumption of water, fruit and vegetables

These are some tips, but above all we recommend going to a professional for advice.

How to reduce foot swelling

If there is already swelling of the feet, it is important to go to the doctor or call one to see you at home, as it could be a symptom of a more serious disease or problem.

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