Care for the elderly in colder months


In the coldest months of the year, our defenses tend to drop and we begin to contract colds and flu, but the body is prepared to combat these setbacks and with the correct medication we will be right in a few days. The problem comes when the elderly are not sufficiently protected against the cold, … Read more

Causes of foot swelling

Causes of foot swelling

Foot swelling is a fairly common problem, especially among older people. The main reason this happens is usually due to irregular blood circulation or fluid retention. In addition to this main reason, there are several causes, but today we are going to discuss in more detail some causes that can affect older people. People with … Read more

5 qualities of a caregiver for elderly people

5 qualities of a caregiver for elderly people

It is very important to know with who we are leaving in charge of our elderly family members. For this we must identify the qualities that person has, as well as their academic training. Professionalism guarantee The first thing we should look for is that this person works for a professional company, since hiring a … Read more

How to take care of an elderly person at home

How to take care of an elderly person at home

When a family member begins to be dependent, it becomes a challenge to know how to organize things so as to attend to all their needs, as well as combine those tasks with your day-to-day obligations, work and free time. The most important thing is – don’t panic! Everything has a solution. Performing tasks with … Read more

Hallo (German)

Angels Caring hat Pflegeassistenten und Krankenpfleger in Marbella und entlang der Küste der Costa del Sol, um Patienten zu Hause zu helfen. Pflegehilfe kann aus verschiedenen Gründen notwendig sein: akuten Erkrankungen, langfristige Gesundheitsprobleme, Behinderungen und unheilbare Krankheiten im Endstadium. Wir widmen Ihnen unsere Zeit und Liebe und sorgen uns um Sie.Angels Caring bietet einen hochwertigen … Read more

Bonjour (french)

Angels Caring a des assistants et infermières à sa disposition pour aider les patients à Marbella et sur la côte « Costa del Sol ». Soins à domicile peuvent être nécessaire à cause de maladies aiguës, affections de longue durée, handicaps permanents et maladies terminales. Nous dédions notre temps et notre amour à nos clients. Nous prenons soin de … Read more

Covid19 Stats


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UK Collaboration


We recruit staff to work for BlueBird Care as Live-in-care in Bristol, United Kingdom with a contract of employment. • Standard Care £575 per week • Complex Care £655 per week • Couples £725 per week BlueBird Care website: If you want more information, you can reach us by: Email: [email protected] Telephone: +34 665 … Read more

Good Morning

Our goal as a company is to cover an area as far as possible. Angels Caring spread its services from Sotogrande to Rincón de la Victoria, endeavoring to improve the comfort and welfare of our clients We take great care to have our care staff well trained and check they have excellent previous references. Always … Read more