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Medical equipment can be hard to look for, even stressful, it’s something you may need to use or wear a long time, everyone is unique. You are shopping as a genuine need. At Angel Caring we’ll make renting or purchasing easy and therefore make your life better. We offer daily, weekly or monthly rentals. Delivery available to your home.

Crutches, Wheelchair, Walker: A walking aid that is used for support while walking. A walker can be used as a walking aid for seniors, or for anyone who needs additional support to maintain balance or stability while walking.
Rollator: Similar to a walker with 4 wheels, hand brakes and a seat. A rollator can be a mobility aid for seniors, or for individuals who have problems with walking or balance. It can also be used as a temporary seat.
Patient Lift: Lifts enable an individual to be lifted and transferred with minimal effort and greater safety. A patient lift is for an individual who requires assistance being transferred. we also provide sling.  Weight capacity up to 400 lbs.-
Bath Equipment: commode chairs, shower chairs, stools and seats, transfer benches, raised toilet seats and other items available on request.

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