Care for the elderly in colder months

In the coldest months of the year, our defenses tend to drop and we begin to contract colds and flu, but the body is prepared to combat these setbacks and with the correct medication we will be right in a few days.

The problem comes when the elderly are not sufficiently protected against the cold, so different elements must be taken into account so that they are in the best possible conditions and use everything in our hands to reinforce their defenses against the cold.

Thermal and warm clothing 

Remember to provide enough clothing so that they can warm up properly.

  • Thermal T-shirt
  • Warm sweaters
  • Robe or dressing gown
  • Thermal socks (be careful not to make them too tight)
  • Coral fabric or flannel pajamas (for very cold places)

With this type of clothing, your family member will stay warm. Depending on the area where he/she lives, you can combine these elements to protect themselves more or less from the cold.

Temperature at home

If it is not possible to use heaters or similar elements, it would be interesting to acquire a thermal bag of seeds that, heated in the microwave, maintains the hot temperature for at least an hour and helps the body to warm up almost immediately.

Daily activity 

Taking daily walks during the hours when the sun is strongest is the perfect activity to get the body full of energy.

On the one hand, the person will receive sun rays that are beneficial for our body, since it favors the production of vitamin D and also warms our body, regulating its temperature.

Mental and emotional health 

When it is not possible to go out daily to sunbathe or that person spends many days alone, the body weakens on an emotional level as well as on a physical level.

It is very important that older people are accompanied most of the time or at least a few hours a day on a regular basis.

The most advisable thing for the elderly is to be accompanied so as to don’t suffer a negative emotional impact. The visit of relatives or organizing activities with family or friends, would be a good option.

If it is not possible to be accompanied on a regular basis for reasons of distance or time, you always have the option of hiring a caregiver to accompany them and provide them with all the care you need.

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