Is less than 1 KM from the golf course.
If your passion is golf, Andalusia is the Spanish region for this sport.
The excellent climate allows you to play golf throughout the year. The fields are located in privileged areas, with beautiful scenery and close to beaches.
There are golf courses scattered around our provinces, offering varied itineraries, where you can enjoy the same whether you're a beginner, as an amateur or professional.
Many of our camps are located in luxury hotels also offer excellent facilities for your stay. The services offered are numerous avenues for training, equipment hire, teachers, children's play areas, restaurants, swimming pools, lounge, changing rooms etc ... to complete the offer of the clubs.
In addition, over the years our club held several important championships, some to Europe, so if you like this sport, but you have not started on it, you can enjoy as a spectator.
In the wide range that we offer sure to find the area that fits your desires. Good game.